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Gaelic Tugboat Company - Detroit's Best Tugboat Company Gaelic Tugboat Company
With over 40 years in the marine transportation and towing business, Gaelic Tugboat Co., has the experience, personnel, and fleet of tugs and barges to meet every towing need and challenge.
Our fleet of tugboats is suitable for any and every towing need - large or small. With 2000 - 3000 hp engines, longer, wider and heavier hulls providing increased stability pulling capability, and unobstructed visibility, our   tugs are unsurpassed for ship handling and power on the lakes.  Equipment and heavy lifts, salvage and stranding, and dead ship towing.
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P.O. Box 707 Lincoln Park, MI  48146
Telephone 313-841-9440 Fax  313-841-3977